Thursday, May 29, 2014

David Gray and His Latest Album, Mutineers (Review)

Disclosure: I received a free download of the album to review from One2One Network. All of the opinions expressed are my own!

Have reviewed or should I say, listened to a CD by someone you had not heard of prior to the CD? And then after listening to it, say "WOW"? *Yes,  I'm waving my hands in the air over here!*
David Gray has a refreshing voice and it's clearly going to get him places!  Let me give a bit of information about him and Mutineers! David Gray's new CD album is going to be released in the US on June 17, 2014! He has already been on a bit of a tour in CA, WA, DC, Pa, MA, and Toronto, ON. This creative musician has been around for a bit, not a new guy on the scene! Mutineers is his tenth studio album! He's already established himself as one of the UK's leading music artists both at home and overseas.


Here's a list of tracks on his album:
1) Back in The World
2) As the Crow Flies
3) Mutineers
4) Beautiful Agony
5) Last Summer
6) Snow in Vegas
7) Cake and Eat It
8) Birds of the High Arctic
9) The Incredible
10) Girl Like You
11) Gulls

Here are a couple of links to where you can pre-order the CD : 


For other links on how you can connect with David Gray: 
His Official website: David Gray
Twitter David Gray on Twitter  He has a lovely site on Twitter!
David Gray on YouTube
David Gray on Instagram
David Gray on Facebook

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