Saturday, December 14, 2013

Maria Taylor "Something About Knowing" (music review)

Disclosure: I was given a digital music cd download and information in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own!

Maria Taylor's album, Something About Knowing, was released in the past couple of months on October 29th. She is now announcing a national winter tour schedule starting in January 2014 in Omaha, NE on January 3rd and it includes 21 cities across the country. The tour will end in Chicago, IL on February 11th.  Her music has a bit of folk, indie-pop, and rock'n'roll in it! Her sound is refreshing! Her song"Up All Night" is a catchy tune and has a great beat to it.  Maria was one-half of the band Azure Ray before she started her solo career in 2005. Her songs have been featured on the following shows: Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy (one episode was name after a song of hers), Bones, Unforgettable, Suburgatory, Greek, and One Tree Hill. Her team for "Something About Knowing" include: Mike Mogis, Macey Taylor (her brother), Brad Armstrong, Andy LeMaster, Lester Nuby, and Daniel Farris.  She stated," This record has the spirit of "This is how I feel Now, and these are all the elements that brought me here," Maria explains. "I listened to my previous records and went in the studio wanting to take the best elements of each of them... I feel like I really conquered something on this one."
I felt like taping my fingers on the steering wheel as I listened to her music in the car one day on a drive in town from my iPod! Here's a list of her songs: Folk Song Melody, Up All Night, Tunnel Vision, Sum of Our Lives, You've Got a Way with the Light, Something About Knowing,  This Is It,
Broken Objects,  Saturday in June, and A Lullaby for You.  I liked listening to her music!

For more information on Maria check out the following:

Website :Maria Taylor

Facebook: Maria Taylor

Twitter: Maria Taylor

Instagram: Maria Taylor

Her album can be purchased at :iTunes  and Saddle Creek store
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