Sunday, December 29, 2013

Airborne Immune Support Supplement (review)

Disclosure: I was given free samples of Airborne products  and information from Airborne via Smiley in order to facilitate  my review. The opinions expressed were my own!

I received the chewable tablets version of Airborne in the Berry flavors.
4 Chewable tablets =
*1,000 mg of Vitamin C,
*High in Antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, and E),
*Excellent Source of Zinc and Selenium,
* 350 mg of Herbal Blend including Echinacea and Ginger!

 The flavor was tasty,  and I was able to chew them instead of drinking a liquid. If I was on the go, I would like to try the Very Berry flavor of the Airborne On-The-Go packets. The On-The-Go packets come in 2 flavors, Lemonade and Very Berry. You just empty one packet into cold water, stir, and then drink! The Airborne Effervescent come in 4 flavors: Zesty Orange (I would try this flavor!), Lemon Lime (this one, too!), Pink Grapefruit, and Very Berry. With the effervescent tablets, you can drop one tablet into hot or cold water, let it dissolve and then drink! I like that I can support my immune system, and chew or drink something tasty with vitamins, minerals, herbs and vitamin C!
Airborne also has a Hot Soothing Mix that comes in Natural Honey Lemon. The Airborne Plus Energy comes in Natural Berry and Natural Citrus flavors, and it provides 8 B-vitamins that work with your body to help convert food. And, don't forget the new Airborne Gummies!!!
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