Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Purex Laundry Help App (review)

Disclosure: I was given information about the Purex Laundry App from Purex in order to facilitate my review, and the download was free. The opinions expressed are my own!

I had actually downloaded this app for my iPhone awhile back, way before Purex mentioned it for this campaign! I wanted something portable that I could look up suggestions for stain removal techniques, and I had stumbled upon this app! Sometimes we get some truly unique stains on our clothes, especially with my working in the medical profession! I still have a stain on a uniform top that I've been working on for a few weeks. I did look up "Sharpie" on the app---- a very interesting story how it got on my top! I was writing on something at work, and had put the uncapped permanent marker in my right nursing uniform pocket. I don't know why I did it, I guess that Fibro Fog's my excuse! Before I used the app to see what to do about it after I got home, i used an old tried and true for ink, hairspray. It didn't work at all, needless to say, and I proceeded to get discouraged!
I wish that I had a "before" the hairspray pic but I don't. This stain occurs within a week or so of my back surgery back in May. I have been working on the stain with rubbing alcohol for about a month now, and it is slowly fading! I'm not giving up on it yet! The rubbing alcohol was what the Purex Laundry App recommended!

I also like the fabric care section of the app, and it's self-explanatory!!  The product information section of the app is very helpful, like the laundry detergent area and the Purex Crystals!!

 It can be downloaded for free via the iTunes App Store and via the Google Play! ( i would enclose the links for the sites to download the apps, but my links aren't working!

Purex is giving away a chance to win an iPad mini to celebrate the new Purex Laundry Help App, and
you can enter here: Purex Laundry Help App giveaway !

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