Thursday, October 24, 2013

Luster Premium White Review

Disclosure: I was given free product from Luster, in order to facilitate my review. The opinion expressed are mine own. I'm a BzzAgent.

Luster Distinctly White is a Dual Action Whitening System, that takes just minutes a day to apply, and I'm not kidding about that at all! I love to use products that are quick and easy, especially in my busy and sometimes chaotic life! I will admit that I have two dental implants, and that they (one is on each side of the top two teeth) have crowns on they that the color cannot be changed unless I had new crowns put on. My other adult teeth are permanently discolored due to taking liquid iron products as a child when I was anemic back then. The first two pictures have to do with the pre-treatment view of my teeth, and they are not my favorite pictures of me, to say the least! (If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know how I love to be real and take pictures of everything myself, or if I can't, then Steven steps in and takes pictures for me! ) I like that the products caused zero tooth sensitivity, because I spent most of my leave time from work over the summer with cold sensitivity! It was easy to use! You rinse your teeth with the Accelerator Mouth Rinse for 10 seconds and spit it out, especially after you focused the rinse on the front teeth. Next, You shake the tube of the Super Whitener Gel, and gently squeeze the tube after removing the lid. Following that, you apply the Gel on your Smile teeth, the front six teeth on the top and the bottom of your mouth. Apply the Gel to one tooth at a time. If you need more gel on the brush, then squeeze it out. Liberally coat each tooth and try to avoid getting the gel on your gums, lips or tongue! Those were definitely my issues, and my tongue wanted to go everywhere! My lips wouldn't stay open, and I had to spit to keep from swallowing the product!  You then wait 10 minutes for the Super Whitener Gel to fight stains and whiten teeth. You are supposed to repeat the steps 1 through 3 for the total of 12 treatment. It will only whiten natural teeth, not caps, crowns, or veneers. My opinion is below, scroll down to the last picture to get my take on the Luster White Premium review.

 I have included pictures of the box, front and back views, and of the products that had been in the box.

 This last picture was after using the product for about a week! I know that they don't show up in this picture, and I seriously tried to get a decent one, but they were able to improve a little bit. My upper teeth around the dental implants didn't get as white as I hoped. Bummer! The Gel did get my lips feeling a bit irritated, even though I did try to keep my mouth open as it dried. Not sure if it's my honest to goodness favorite, maybe someone else will and did have better luck with it than I did. And during the past two months, I didn't get the chance to speak with my friends and co-workers about it.
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