Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fage Total Greek Yogurt (Review)

Disclosure: I was given information and free product from Fage, in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed were my own. I am a BzzAgent.


Did you know that you can use yogurt in so many ways? Fage (pronounced fa-yeh) Total Greek yogurt is a perfect substitute for cream, sour cream, and mayonnaise in many dishes!
Here's some information from Fage:

FAGE is a family owned company and continues to use the same recipe for FAGE Total that they introduced with the opening of their original Athens dairy shop in 1926, that’s 87 years ago!  The #1 yogurt in Greece, FAGE is the only authentic Greek yogurt that is truly made with 100% natural ingredients, no evaporated cane juice (a fancy sounding ingredient that’s essentially sugar) or protein powders here.  FAGE believes in simple, delicious foods and FAGE Total includes only two or three ingredients: milk and live active cultures or milk, live active cultures and cream.  Approximately 4 pounds of raw milk are used to make one pound of thick, creamy yogurt.One of the more versatile ingredients you can add to your kitchen, FAGE Total works perfectly as a snack, a meal ingredient or the base of an indulgent dessert.  Rich in protein, low in calories and fat, you can enjoy FAGE Total as a healthy part of your diet. Available in 0% non-fat, 2% low-fat and Classic in sizes including 6oz, 7oz, 17oz and 35oz containers for cooking.  FAGE truly takes the time to develop their premium product. No shortcuts or rushing with this product and you’ll taste the difference.

The History about Fage:   Back in 1926, Athanassios Filippou opened a small dairy shop at 213 Patison Street in Athens, Greece. But this wasn’t the hustling, bustling Athens of today. The shop was located in the countryside with only a single train station nearby. As travelers would come and go, the reputation of the shop’s delicious, creamy, one-of-a-kind yogurt grew. As he nurtured the business with great care and passion, Athanassios brought his sons Ioannis and Kyriakos into the business and named it FAGE (pronounced “fa-yeh”). Shortly afterwards, Ioannis and his brother Kyriakos opened the company’s first yogurt production facility. During this time, retailers sold yogurt as a commodity, with the consumer having no idea who the manufacturer was. Upon moving the FAGE yogurt plant to the Metamorfossi area of Athens, FAGE became the first company to bring branded yogurt to the market. In fact, it was presented in packaging that is very similar to today’s design. Since then, FAGE has expanded throughout Greece, Europe and the world, including the United States in 1998. In 2008, FAGE opened a state-of-the-art production facility in Johnstown, New York. The $200 million facility uses the original family recipe, while also incorporating technological advances to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and safety. FAGE continues to grow and is currently in the process of expanding the facility by an additional $100 million.

I talked with some of my friends about Fage Total Greek yogurt, and I pretty much went over the information about the history of Fage with them. I informed them of the versatility of Fage Total Greek Yogurt and about the recipes (It's a pdf. with recipes on it:Fage ). I offered ideas of other ways that they could consume Fage, like drizzling honey over it, and maybe putting nuts or granola on top of it. Here in my household, I eat the Fage yogurt with honey on it. My husband and son prefer smoothies, so I make what I call "Chunky Monkey Smoothie" out of it. I added frozen cut up banana chunks, Fage Total Greek Yogurt, 1% milk, some peanut butter (what ever amount you like, to suit your taste) and 3 scoops of Ovaltine. That's what I make with it most of the time, if not Chunky Monkeys, then a fruit smoothie!
We really like the Fage Total Greek yogurt here in my household! I do recommend it!

The frozen banana chunks were added first.

Opened container of Fage Total Greek Yogurt!

Spooning some of Fage out of container.

Fage on top of banana chunks!

Another look at Fage! Trying to help you all to remember it!!

Milk, bananas, Fage, peanut butter, and Ovaltine!!


Smoothie done and in my glass!!

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