Saturday, August 10, 2013

First-Ever PLAY-DOH App brings Learning and Fun Together (Review)

Disclosure: I was given the information on the app and the app download for free in order to facilitate my review of the PLAY-DOH app.  The Opinions expressed are my own!

If you've been reading my blog since the first year (2010), you will remember that I started reviewing a few childrens' apps for the iPhone and the iPad back then. I am a true kid a heart, and even at 51, I don't mind play an educational app to see what the kids can learn from in this day and age. Plus, I know that quite a few of you all out there in my reading audience are parents, grandparents, aunt or uncles, or may even have a younger sibling!  The app that I'm reviewing for you all today is from PLAY-DOH, and it called PLAY-DOH Create ABC's. It came out recently and is the first educational app for the PLAY-DOH brand. It is kicking off a series of learning apps set to release from Hasbro and PlayDate Digital. This beloved brand has been helping imaginations take shape for over 50 years, and they are excited to announce its move into the digital world to utilize the remarkable interactive capabilities of iOS devices.

Here's a link to get a better idea of how the app works, feel free to watch a quick video:
PLAY-DOH App video clip. It's a real informative clip! So... you might ask, what exactly is this PLAY-DOH Create ABC's ? It's an app which was designed with the input of preschool education expert, Dr. Michael Cohen. It truly is amazing how easily young children are able to pick up an iPad/iPhone and start navigating through it and we believe PLAY-DOH Create ABC's could be their next favorite app! (Barb's Note  here: The way that my friend Connie's youngest granddaughter Mya is,
at 3, I think that she could probably do quite well on this app!) AS they go through a series of exciting play modes, children will learn the Alphabetic Principle-- to recognize letters, write letters in proper stroke order and associate letters with sounds. The young ones will love the fun and quirky animations and parents will love that it encourages kids to use their brain and incorporate learning with play time.

If you happen to have more than one child, that's not a problem at all because each child can have their own profile to save and parents can watch each one's individual progress. There is an interesting thing about this, because there is an ability to easily share creations with family and friends using the "Send to Camera" function. This could be used towards a great gift for grandma and grandpa on they special day coming u next month on September 8th.  The PLAY-DOH Create ABC's app is available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch for $2.99.

Barbara's take on it: It has three sections: a) Write and Craft: this is where I had to follow the dots and outline the letters. You pick a letter and a color of Play-Doh, then the letter gets covers with play-doh dots and you pretty much go from dot to dot and form the letter with your finger. After you fill in the letter it gives you a word that starts with the letter, "S" sun. b)Create and Share:   The second game relies on how how many letters you filled and completed in the first exercise.  You can make a picture by choosing the scenery, and by using the shapes that you pick. If you didn't fill in all of the letters on your first play of section "a", you will be given only the letters that you traced , they will be the ones you can work with regardless of whether or not you can spell something with them. c)  Letter Matching: You get to choose the letter that you want to match with a shape. Me... well I started out at the beginning of the alphabet on this one and went from A to Z, matching the shape to the letter. I don;t remember my scores on any of them , but I do believe that I did pretty good.  For $2.99, I do believe that this app is worth it, with tracing the letters, and matching shapes with words!! I really liked it, and I believe that your children will, too!!
 With this one, above, you trace the M and then have to match it with picture on the side.
 Monkey happened to be the only thing that matched with  the letter "M" from the left side!

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