Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day of High School for Our Son, and Other Ramblings!

Whew! I never thought that I'd see the day, but Steven left for the bus a few minutes ago for his first day of high school--- 9th grade! I went to bed late for me these days last night, about midnight. This morning, he came in about 7:16 and woke me up, and said, "Mom, get up, it's 7:16!" I was so disoriented! I thought that it was the evening, and I said, "Where's your dad?" Steven said, "He's at work!"  I responded back, "what's for dinner?" He looked at me like I was crazy! Then he said something about it being the first day of school and that I needed to get up. (I could have sworn that I'd set my alarm for 7am, but I don't recall it going off!) Then I told him that he could have told me that it was morning!
 I definitely needed a cup of coffee this morning, regardless of the fact that I go back to bed later on, after lunch, since I work tonight! I posted it on Instagram for Fat Mum Slim's #fmsphotoaday photos! I've already finished my iced coffee, and needless to say, I'm still sleepy!! I think that the tiredness is from yesterday, since I got up really early on a day off to go to work for an early nurses' meeting---had to be there at 7:15am.

I don't think that I really posted much this summer about why I was home until last Thursday night from work, so here goes.... on May 21st, I had a partial diskectomy of S1. Though it was a partial, and not the whole disc, I had more pain and more grief with this particular surgery than I did with any of the other surgeries that I've had throughout the years. I ended up in the ER three nights after the surgery for intense pain in my left calf for what I thought was a blood clot, ended up being intense S1 nerve pain that had come on quick. During that ER visit, the nurse and the ER doctor looked at my back incision, and it looked like I had cellulitis around the incision. I ended up with a dose of antibiotics, IV pain med, and IV decadron (which the ER nurse IV pushed a bit fast, I was mad, because it gave me politely what I would call "crotch burn"----years ago, when I was taking a chemotherapy class we were taught to push the decadron via IV slow, so that the patient wouldn't get an uncomfortable feeling down there!). I got sent home with prescriptions for antibiotics, steroid dose pack, and Dilaudid.

Steven did my dressing changes for me to my back and I monitored the appearance of the incision with pictures from my iPhone that he'd take for me. My husband opted out of doing the dressings, except when son was at church camp and on mission week for church. The staples were removed in early June, and the dressings continued to be changed daily, if not twice a day. The top of the wound was extremely slow in healing, and I ended up seeing the surgeon every one to two weeks for an incision check. Due to the incision, I ended up on a 2nd round of antibiotics at one point, getting thrush on my tongue along with a yeast infection---not fun. I also was on the total of 3 rounds of steroids, pretty much 30 days' worth in 6 weeks, to ease the S1 nerve pain. I had an unsteady gait for awhile, with some left foot weakness , due to S1 nerve--- and tripped twice and fell once in 2 days. That's when he decided in late June to keep me out for 5 weeks, until he saw me for a follow-up appointment in Early August. I started P.T. the second week in July, and I'm still going twice a week. The top of the incision wasn't healing up in mid-July, and it was about 2 months since the surgery. He ended up debriding the small wound in the office, and by the August appointment it was closed!

Unrelated to the back, in late July, I was up around 3am one night to go to the bathroom, and as I was coming out of our water closet/shower area, the room started the spin and I saw gray, and I fell. I bruised the back of my left arm real good!  When I went to my primary care physician the following day, he had me get some labs and an EKG, and wanted me to follow up with cardiology and neurology. I saw both the following week. Bear in mind, at that point, I was still not back at work. Cardiology thought that it was from a low BP, and didn't change my BP med. My neurology appointment followed the heart doc appt. that morning, and the neurologist ended up cutting back my bp med and ordering a VNG for vertigo. The test came back with vertigo issues with the right ear.

I went back to work last Thursday night. It's a bit different being back to work, my back's hurting along with the S1 nerve by the time that I get off. Some of the pain is fibromyalgia pain, too. I did cut my hours back by one day a week, so I'm at 4 nights a week--still fulltime. There's my update!!

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