Sunday, July 7, 2013

Minted. (Review)

Disclosure: I received information  from Minted. in order to post a review, which will also be compensated for. This has no bearing on my opinions on their products and I am giving a honest review.

Welcome to Minted.! It's that time of the year, in which brides are thinking about getting married, if they've missed those lovely spring weddings! I can remember picking out wedding invitations with Steve back in 1988,  and trying to decide if we wanted plain or ones that matched the colors or going with something unique. We went with something more traditional back then, and since we were paying for our wedding, we chose things that we wanted to semi-appease the mothers.  Fast-Forward about 24 years, I'm looking through Minted.'s "fresh-indied inspired" designs, and falling in love with some less-traditional wedding invitations that I would pick nowadays. I'm going to share those choices with you!
Minted. I found so many choices that I probably would have picked if they had been around when I got married!!! Look around on their site, and you will see what I mean!! I'd definitely recommend them!

Again, I chose one that is unique in the way that it uses pictures instead of alot of words to get the point across that there's going to be a wedding!

This one has a nice cut-out like pattern around it. Steve and I both wouldn't have been crazy about this one back then, but I happen to like the pattern and the style now, and it would make the wedding interesting!

Banners and travel envelopes are on this wedding invitations. Wouldn't make you think of world travel and the little banner flags that hang down on a boat? 

The color of the wedding invitation would have turned me off back then in '88, but it's whimsical  to me now with the fireflies on it. It makes me think of a fun outdoors evening wedding,where there could be fireflies that night during the ceremony, if not the reception! Use your imagination!!

This one appealed to me because of the flower pattern, and that it wasn't the typical pretty pink or blue or yellow flowers! It's more of a fall wedding invitation, and that's why I liked it.

Minted. has so many choices for weddings in any time of the year, and the invitations can go from fancy to casual, and with a bit of humor in them! The indie designer cards are what appealed to me!!

Customers can even create they own inspiration boards, and enclosed is a beach one.
Now, isn't this inspiration board a beautiful one?


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