Friday, July 5, 2013

CUPPOW (Review)

Disclosure: I was given products from Cuppow in order to facilitate my review and the opinions expressed are mine and my son Steven's.

Cuppow is an American company, and they created a product that helps to reduce our eco-footprint. They started it as a way of making it easier to drink from a canning jar while you're mobile, since the open mouth area doesn't help keep it spill-free! With the Cuppow, one can use any regular mouth or wide-mouth canning jar. The drinking lid adaptor for canning and mason jars is  a way of saving money, no more using Styrofoam cups or expensive travel mugs! The Cuppow products are BPA, BPS, and phthalates free, and they are made from food-grade polypropylene. Their key words are environmentally aware, family friendly, and American made. The drinking lid adaptor is dishwasher friendly, though I hand-washed the two that we received. You can use straws with them (ignore my plastic one, the glass straws that we have are smoothie-sized!), and they recommend paper or stainless steel straws. Their site is quite helpful for more information at Cuppow FAQ. Also, I noticed on their site that they are coming out with some colorful ones!! They do sell them in stores, and they do have a store locator on their site. They also sell them through their website online, too.

Our take on them: Steven liked using it, though we didn't have any pint wide-mouth jars in the house.  (I had bought 4 half-pint jar, planning to use them for a craft, and son used one of them for the wide-mouth drinking lid adaptor.) I used the regular mouth adaptor, and put a straw in mine. We both were drinking cold liquids with them, though the lid adaptors can be used with both hot and cold. I'm more of a cold-liquid drinking kind of person! I like the ease of using and cleaning them, and the ability to use them with the jars. Do I recommend them? Yes, I do!

For more information on Cuppow: Cuppow

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 On Instagram: Cuppow, and they do post some nice pics there!!

Both are shown here, the wide mouth on the left and the regular mouth on the right. 
In its original packaging, the regular cuppow!

In its regular packaging, the wide mouth lid adaptor!

I think that I had put tea in mine, and was using a plastic straw in the straw hole, or  mouth opening!

another view of the regular mouth lid adaptor. 

Son's showing soda in the wide mouth lid adaptor, unfortunately it's in a  half-pint mason jar!

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