Friday, June 7, 2013

The Boy's back!

Son's back from church camp! He left Sunday afternoon, and got back this afternoon! Dad took me to pick him up, I was having pain and was a bit nervous about driving. I'm allowed to drive as of this past Tuesday.  I went to see the doctor about my incision, due to concern from me and the M.A., on Wednesday morning. I drove to Dad's after the appointment, and on my way home from his place, I almost drove off of the highway! I hadn't had any pain meds or muscle relaxers since the night before, but I wasn't feeling well on the drive home up the highway. It scared me big time! The Lord was looking out for me, because once I hit the gravel on the side of the road, I stirred. I stopped the car for a moment, and rubbed my face. I was freaking out! Needless to say, I had Dad drive to the church with me in the passenger seat of his vehicle, and we got Steven. He's back at the church tonight with Steve for a fundraiser for the camp, and I stayed home. The surgery is definitely kicking my butt! I had some of the baked ziti from the other night, some green beans, and Steve bought me a yogurt parfait from Pix this afternoon. Yum, it had granola, blueberries strawberries, and yogurt, of course!

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