Monday, June 10, 2013

MoonWalk NYC

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Date night at WalkThe MoonWalk--- I guess that she brought her husband? 

When I read about the MoonWalk NYC, I thought to myself, "wow, what an awesome event, and I wish that I do do it!". (However, I haven't trained for any walking or running events, and I had recent back surgery! Since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1985 (and went on to develop mets from it, and passed away in '98, I have supported breast cancer research in a walk and donated.)
BUT.... it is not discouraging me from telling you all about the MoonWalk NYC!  In 1996, there was a lady named Nina Barough who was running her own production company in London. She woke up one day, deciding that it would be fun to power walk the NYC Marathon in a decorated bra with others to raise some money. She got together 13 other women, and together they raised about $40,000, and donated it to a breast cancer research center in the UK. In 1997, Nina herself was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she went through a mastectomy, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Also, in 1997, a group did the walk in London,  and another round of money was raised for breast cancer research. In 1998, the MoonWalk was founded and it turned into an overnight event. This year, 2013,  is its inaugural event, in America, in NYC, where it first started!

Walk The Walk is bringing their iconic overnight power walk, The MoonWalk to New York City on July 20th at 10pm. Presented by Empire BlueCross BlueShield, the overnight walk through New York City will begin with a participant opening ceremony celebration at Randall's Island. Walkers will then depart weaving through Manhattan past the city's most iconic landmarks, lit up brightly at night. There are two courses to ensure that everyone can participate no matter their fitness levels or abilities: Half-Moon (13.1 miles) and Full Moon (26.3 miles).  Most of the fundraising from the MoonWalk NYC will be granted to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to help support the Breast Examination Center in Harlem, one of the first free screening facilities for breast cancer in the country where 80% of the patients are uninsured but guaranteed support and guidance. Since its  inception fifteen years ago in London, MoonWalk has engaged over 300,000 participants and has raised over $126 million dollars to support vital breast cancer causes. (THAT IS AWESOME!!!!---Barb's Note!)

For more information on the MoonWalk NYC, please go to this site: MoonWalk NYC

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