Thursday, May 16, 2013

Today is my birthday!

Well, I kind of feel like I hit another milestone, though I probably hit it last year when I turned 50! Today was my 51st birthday, and I went to get my pre-op  paperwork and prescription for next week's surgery on Tuesday.  I have two more work days left till I go on leave for about 6 to 8 weeks for a discectomy. I was having such a fun morning, that I had to go straight from work to the doctor appointment, then head home for a quick shower and breakfast from Starbucks (not good for a low carb/ sugar free sort of diet!) and take care of the birds---before heading to Orlando for a Ford event. I got lost with the GPS, (ha!) and had issues with the compass directions from MapQuest, but got there about 9 minutes late! It goes to show that Orlando gets hard to navigate the less frequent you go into the downtown area, especially for me, and I had not been in that particular area in at least about 25.5 years---when my sister Karen and her husband Bruce got married in late '87! I ran into Adrianna, from MilSpouseBloggers, whom I had met at last year's CFLBlogCon in Orlando. It was nice to run into a familiar face! What an afternoon!
And oh BTW, yesterday was Steve's birthday! A shout out to my husband!
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