Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Merchbox (review)

Disclosure: I was given information about Merchbox from Big Picture Media, and I decided to join Merchbox, paying for it myself! Information was given to me by Big Picture Media, and pictures were taken of my own recently received products!

I recently subscribed to a unique kind of box subscription called Merchbox! With a quote from MTV Act: "Merchbox is like a rad care package from your musically inclined Mom."  I love that quote! I got curious, and decided to follow a link to see what came in a Merchbox:, where some people posted pictures on Tumblr of what they had received. Interesting! I figured "sure", and went through the process of ordering it. I received an e-mail from Mike Frankel, and he asked a few questions,  along the lines of naming 3 bands that I liked, my age, my birthday, and something else that I can't remember at the moment! And, I responded back to him with my answers. I received the Merchbox in the past week, and am still listening to the cds. I received two cds, a pack of paper soap leaves, mustache mints, and 2 discount cards. The music is interesting!

Here's some information for you about Merchbox: It is a new subscription service with a simple mission: to shine a light on new music through tangible delivery. Each month, the members receive a box tailored to their interests. To sign up go to: Merchbox , answer the questions that they e-mail you, and using a complex algorithm (their brains), the Merchbox team will send out a monthly package that is tailored to the subscriber's taste.

Merchbox was launched in early December by Mike Frankel as an experiment. "I missed having stuff. Although I appreciate the convenience of digital delivery, nothing beats the experience of tearing off the shrink wrap, taking in the artwork, and losing yourself in a full album," says Frankel. "Merchbox encourages you to think back to a time before everything you listened to was encoded in 0's and 1's."  Frankel's other gigs include helping Entourage actor Adrian Grenier run his Brooklyn-based recording studio,Wreckroom Records, and running his own MP3-giveaway blog, In their own way, all three projects aid Frankel's vision of bringing together budding musicians and new listeners by making their music widely accessible.
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