Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dreamworks Animation's "The Croods" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Review)

Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to listen and download to the soundtrack in order to facilitate a review and the opinions expressed are my own!

"The Croods" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was released on March 19th by  Relativity Music Group, and it featured the original song "Shine Your Way" by Owl City and Yuna.( I happen to love that song, being a fan of Owl City, and it was my favorite song off of the soundtrack!) Here's a link to the video clip of the song over on Fuse TV: Shine Your Way.  It's an enthusiastic uplifting song, and Owl City and Malaysian singer Yuna are included in the animation in this video! ( Barb's piece of information here:Yuna's from Verve Records and Owl City's from Republic Records. ) The song was produced by Owl City along with two-time Academy Award nominated composer Alan Sylvestri and Glen Ballard who wrote the track with the film's directors Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders. Sylvestri produced and composed the enter score of the soundtrack, which includes "Smash and Grab", and a sample of "Tusk" with the USC Trojan Marching Band.  The whole soundtrack is available on Itunes.

"The Croods" 

"The Croods" movie was released on March 22nd, and was directed by Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, and was produced by Kristine Belson and Jane Hartwell.  Nicholas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Cloris Leachman, Catherine Keener, and Clark Duke star in the animated movie.
The Croods tells the story of the world's first family road trip.  When their cave is destroyed, the Crood family must embark on a comedy adventure into strange and spectacular territory in search of a new home.  As if patriarch Grug (Nicolas Cage) didn't already have enough to handle, it goes from bad to worse when they encounter an imaginative nomad named Guy (Ryan Reynolds).  With Guy's help the Croods conquer their fear of the outside world and discover that they have exactly what it takes to survive - each other.
 For more information on the movie, visit: and on Facebook and on twitter @ DWAnimation. This time, Steven didn't get the opportunity to listen to the music, so no opinions from him! We both enjoy soundtrack music! I enjoyed all of the songs!
Here's a list of the songs in the soundtrack, and all of the songs are enjoyable to listen to!
The Croods Music from the Motion Picture - Score Composed and Produced by Alan Silvestri Track Listing:

  1. Owl City and Yuna "Shine Your Way"
  2. Prologue
  3. Smash and Grab (contains a sample of "Tusk") Performed by Alan Silvestri and The USC Trojan Marching Band
  4. Bear Owl Escape
  5. Eep and the Warthog
  6. Teaching Fire to Tiger Girl
  7. Exploring New Dangers
  8. Piranhakeets
  9. Fire and Corn
  10. Turkey Fish Follies
  11. Going Guys Way
  12. Story Time
  13. Family Maze
  14. Star Canopy
  15. Grug Flips His Lid
  16. Planet Collapse
  17. We'll Die If We Stay Here
  18. Cave Painting
  19. Big Idea
  20. Epilogue
  21. Cave Painting Theme
  22. The Crood's Family Theme
  23. Cantina Croods 
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