Tuesday, April 30, 2013

To Sing Frogs -A Memoir by John M. Simmons (Book review)

Disclosure: I was given advance review copy to read in order to facilitate a review of the book. The opinions expressed are totally mine, and mine only!

Oh my gosh, is what I thought when I first started reading this book a few weeks ago!! And yes, it was a good oh my gosh! I felt like I was in the room with Amy and John, when they first met up with a social worker in their state when they wanted to adopt. I could imagine Amy's expressions on her face when John was voicing his opinions to the social worker about not wanting a foster child and not wanting a special needs child. Amy, the wife, had been a product of foster homes, and she had turned out to be just fine.  Fast forward just a bit, and they were connected with a group who assisted with international adoptions--- in Russia! (Bear in mind, they already had 3 of their own biological children--boys-- and had adopted Jack, a special needs child with Down's syndrome.) They applied to be able to adopt 3 children from Russia.  John and Amy went to Russia and met Stass and Anya, who would be assisting them and taking them to meet children at the orphanages. They met Katya and Luba who were sisters at 2 different orphanages, and Kirrill, a little boy at another orphanage.

Throughout the book, I read about their initial meeting with the children, and how Katya was burned and scarred. Luba loved her orphanage "mother", and Kirrill was sick. Katya had friends named Marina and Julia at the orphanage---- I can't give too much away of John's and Amy's story!!! I will tell you that they do adopt all three children, Katya, Luba, and Kirrill, and one of Luba's and Katya's older siblings. They jump through many loops after the initial visit as they are trying to bring the children home on another visit. Delays occur, and frustration mounts, but things work out! Prayers are answered, and mountains are conquered, so to speak! Experiences occur in the book that many of us would take for granted, to say the least! Family moves and trips abroad occur as the years go by, and their oldest son becomes a Mormon Missionary and goes to Spain. Spain has some importance in the book, and that is all I will tell you!

To summarize my opinion of the book... I loved it! I laughed and cried with them throughout  Amy's and John's journeys! When I had to put the book down for a couple days, I wanted to get right back to it, to find out more about what was happening on the next page or in the next chapter! Though Steve and I never adopted any children, this book made me wish that we were younger and could adopt a child or two!  I can't stop praising this book! I highly recommend that you read the book when it comes out on the market! If you read any book this summer, put this book at the top of your list!

* An important piece of information for you to know is that John will be donating all of the profits from the sale of To Sing Frogs to the Ele Lembra Foundation.
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