Monday, March 4, 2013

Glad Expressions Collection Review

Do you use fragrance in your home, and do you leave the fragrance container out and visible to others?

If you answered "yes" to the first part and "no" to the second, then you may want to look into trying the new Glade Expressions Collection!  The new Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist and the Oil Diffuser can both be left out where others can see them, since they are inspired by art! I'd love to share some facts with you about each of them!

About the Fragrance Mist:
* it's the first refillable mist from Glade.
* you squeeze-to-release a soft light mist of true-to-life fragrance that lasts
*it is refillable with your favorite Glade Expressions fragrance--so true to life, it as if the items are in the room with you
*you can remove the label from the Fragrance Mist bottle, and it looks like a piece of art in your room.
* it come in 2 limited- time scents : Garden Sunshine and Vibrant Bloom, along with the other four fragrances, Pineapple & Mangosteen, Lavender & Juniper Berry, Cotton & Italian Mandarin, and Fuji Apple & Cardamon Spice!

About the Oil Diffuser:
* it's the best non-electric oil diffuser for living spaces, delivering 3x more fragrance (versus Glad Solid Air Freshener)
*it's refillable with your favorite Glad Expressions fragrance
*the trendy holder fits in anywhere in your house, the bathroom, the living room, etc.
*the spill-free design fills living spaces with fragrance for 30 days.
*they also come in the above fragrances (except Garden Sunshine and Vibrant Bloom)

I talked with my friends at work about these two new products, and I told them how great the pineapple  & mangosteen fragrance was. (My son had picked out that fragrance for both products for us to test.) I mentioned to them how the design of both the spray bottle and the oil diffuser fit in and look decorative in our home. The two pictures that I took were in the bathroom, that's where I chose to put them. I mentioned about how easy it was to use the spray bottle, by squeezing the sides of the outer container. I also told them that the starter kits could be refilled, and that they could purchase them at most grocery stores (I checked Publix and found them there. I hadn't been to Walmart this month, as of the time of the post.). I also shared the coupons that I had received, and the general consensus was that the oil diffuser was what most thought would be better in their households and what they'd probably buy. I liked both, and we would be able to use both products in our house. (My husband's a bit fragrance-sensitive, and I had to be careful with where I used the Mist and where the Oil Diffuser was placed.)

Glade Expressions  is where you can find out more information about these two new fantastic products.
Glade on Facebook is where you can follow them.

Disclosure: I was given coupons for free products in order to facilitate a review, and I'm a member of BzzAgent. The opinions expressed were my own.

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