Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Things That I Don't Know How to Do

I'm following along with a writing prompt finally after over a year or so of reading Mama's Losin' It blog!  I'm usually brave about most things, but talking about things that I don't know how to do and to admit them, whew! Okay, so here goes!

#1--- I can't knit! I have tried a few times, and even have a couple of books on how to do it, but I can't even get the first stitch cast! It's frustrating!

#2--- I can't really cook, well, not many things! I'm more of a baker! Mom and Dad never really let us tinker in the kitchen growing up, though my Grandma Ruth would let me help whenever I'd go over to visit her and Granddaddy for the day. Since I've known my husband Steve, he's done about 90% of the cooking. I am trying to cook more on my days off, and I follow several cooking blogs, such as Katie's Cucina , The Little Kitchen, and The Pioneer Woman.

#3---I don't know how to repair things around the house, but then again, I have a husband who does!

#4--- I can't draw! My drawing are pretty much stick figures! My son and my Dad can draw, and my late brother was talented in drawing mostly cartoon action figures.

#5---I can't organize my belongings! It's an ongoing issue!

#6--- I can't sing! Mercy, my son and my hubby constantly say, please don't sing in the car! I can't carry a tune, but absolutely love to listen to music!

#7--- I can't do a cartwheel! I tried many years ago when I was younger, and even in gymnastics in HS---lousy! I think that I was terrible with balance!

#8--- I can't quilt! Well, maybe someday when I am older, I'll take a class in it!

#9--- whew! They are getting harder to come up with the higher the number that I type! I can't type without looking at the keyboard, well, maybe a few words here and there! I took typing in HS back in '79, and I forgot most of it!
And last but not least #10--- I don't know how to BBQ anything or how to use the grill!

Okay, so there you have it! What 10 things can you NOT do or don't know how to do?

Mama’s Losin’ It
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