Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'm not MIA at the moment!

Seriously, I'm not missing in action! :O) Steven ended up with the Influenza A this week, after finding out at a trip to the local urgent care. He started in with a sore throat Wednesday evening and a fever of 100.5 before I went to work that night. I came home to him running a fever of at least 101.5.  His pediatrician was full with appointments Thursday, so off to urgent care we went. The D.O. kept on showing me the test that they had run on him about the flu, and I was about to tell him, yes sir, I do know what a positive flu sign looks like. Honestly, the card that they test on looks quite similar to a stool sample card or something of that nature, except for that there's lines on it for Influenza A and B. All I could think about was getting him home and heading off to pick up the Tamiflu that he had prescribed.  Even a teen can turn into a wee one when he or she is sick, and trust me, I had to take care of him that day. I called in sick to take care of him. I had to push fluids to get him to get the fevers down, and they did get up to almost 103.  I kept an eye on the clock, making sure that he got his acetaminophen or ibuprofen when he could get it, and got the store brand of Mucinex in him, too. He's been a bit queasy with the flu, too, so ginger ale's been his drink of choice.

 Steven missed a History test, but he's not too worried about it, since he can make it up next week. He goes back to school on Tuesday, thank heavens for Presidents' Day being a school day off. He spent most of the past two days laying around, but today was spent on the computer doing some FCAT prep.
 I plan to do some more posting this weekend, but most of the time will be spent getting the boy feeling better and getting some quality time in with hubby!

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