Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vinturi White Wine Aerator Review

It took me a bit of time after receiving the Vinturi White Wine Aerator early this month, due to my work schedule and being sick and on antibiotics for almost 2 weeks. This past weekend I was finally able to review it, and boy was I happy! I happen to drink most white wines, and happened to have a bottle of Pinot Grigio in the house. I've vaguely heard about wine aerators in the past , like on "Shark Tank". I learned more about the aerator after I opened the box, and read the brochure information that came with it.  When you allow wine to breathe, it tastes better.  And, as it breathes, it allows the aromas and flavors to come out. Decanters have been used in the past to aerate wine. Using a wine aerator, can make aeration so much easier!

Our son wanted to pour it for me, but I needed him to take the pictures. The next few pictures are different views of the box  and of the aerator and its stand.

Pouring the white wine carefully through the aerator, and keeping my fingers off of the aerator holes ---Not to interfere with the aeration of my glass of white wine! You can see the tiny bubbles in this picture!

My take on it... I did as the brochure suggested, to take a sip of the wine without the aeration. Then I aerated my glass of white wine, and tried it! It did allow the aromas and flavors to come out more! It definitely made my glass of wine more exciting to drink! Do I suggest getting one???? My answer is ... yes! Try it and then tell me what you think!! It is available for $39.95 suggested retail at Vinturi and at select retailers nationwide. They also have available a Vinturi Red Wine Aerator and a Vinturi Spirit, both of which are available for the suggested retail price of $39.95. One more thing that I'd like to share with you, is that they have a newsletter and discount information if you stop by this link Vinturi Enthusiasts, and sign up! 

Disclosure: I was given a product from Vinturi in which to facilitate my review, and the opinions expressed are my own! Honesty is the best policy! 
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