Monday, January 28, 2013

Quick Thought To Share With You All!

If you've read any of my tweets in the morning, especially those that I've posted after 8am in the morning, you'll know how much I watch the Today Show or that I like to retweet things from their show on occasion! (Scratch that, I meant, I should have said, how many times I've checked in on Viggle with my iPhone! OOPS!) I had to dvr the 10 o'clock hour of The Today Show this morning, due to having to run to my pain management doctor. Al Roker mentioned something to the effect of showing his age (I think that he's 57) because he knew who Hume Cronyn was. The scary thought is that I remember Hume in Cocoon and in some other things. I guess that I am showing my age, too, and I did tweet Al Roker about that a little while ago. Sometimes, I feel like 50's the new 30, though the body may not feel like it! Ha!
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