Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snapper Rock UV50+ Clothing (Review)

I usually review a product myself and tell you all about it, but today's product was tested by a friend of mine and her son.   They had the opportunity to try Snapper Rock UV50+ clothing. We live in FL, where sun protection is important and on our minds most of the year. Florida families are constantly outside, going to parks, playing outside, going to sporting events, and even the beach. Keeping the young ones from the sun's harmful rays is important. One way to protect your young ones from the sun's harmful rays is to have them wear Snapper Rock UV50+ clothing!
(I'm sorry for the "side" pictures, I don't know how to rotate them!!)
ADDENDUM on 12-20-12: I was able to correct the position of the pictures!

Let me tell you a little bit about them... Snapper Rock began in 2003 when they moved from New Zealand to Annapolis, MD. Liz Englinton is their founder. They started with clothing for the junior sailing market, and went to where they are now, with children's wear, like hats, kaftan's, board shorts, 3-piece swimwear, sundresses, baby toweling onesies and the list goes on! Their clothes are functional and protective at the same time.   There are stores around the USA where you can buy them, along with purchasing from their website, Snapper Rock .

 Donnie's wear the Snapper Rock shirt in a size 3, he's the one in the long-sleeve white and navy blue, with an orangish-red shirt. Jessica said that the shirt was not tight on him. He had room to move around in it and the shirt was functional. He could wear it outside,  to the beach or the pool and play with his cousins in it. It happened to be a warm and sunny day the day that Jessica took the pictures, we had been having a few cool days (and I was afraid of not being able to get the review done sooner, due to weather issues!). I believe that we got a thumbs up from both of them on the shirt! In my opinion, the shirt is neat looking, and it cold water wash!

For further information, you can check out their website Snapper Rock and their Facebook page Snapper Rock Facebook page!

Disclosure: I was given information and free product in order to facilitate a review by Snapper Rock, and the opinions expressed were mine and Jessica's. Honestly is everything.

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