Saturday, December 1, 2012

Photo-A-Day (Late!) 11/30/12 On the Wall

Yesterday's a little late, I think that I had forgot about it, to be honest. I was up all day from working the night before, and was a little tired and spacey. I started in with having an aura with my left eye and no headache, after being out and about to a morning doctor's appointment yesterday (good old asthma, at Pulmonologist!!). I took my Cambia, and it nknocked it out quick, thank heavens!

On the wall... I'm posting a picture that we have on the wall in the mater bathroom, it's of a lighthouse somewhere.

The second picture on the wall has been in a previous picture, but today it is being used for on the wall, too. There is history behind this picture. Steve's grandmother painted it back in the 50's and repainted I guess in the 90's. She gave to us when we lived in Orlando or Winter Garden. We were into bird-watching back then, and she thought that we'd like it! I still do!

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