Friday, December 21, 2012

Photo-A-Day December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012... The day that the Mayans said that the world would end! Obviously, all of us are here, so we all live on! I've watched "2012" a few times, unfortunately around the time that a Disney twitter friend of mine had an earthquake in Chile in 2010. An awesome movie, but as to the reality of it... none!  It's also the 1st day of winter, about time here in FL! We actually started out the morning cool! I walked out of the building at work this morning, and it was a bit brisk! Brr! I had a grey sweatshirt with a hoodie on it, but since I had a short distance to walk to my car, I didn't put it on! Tonight will be a different story!

Now for my photo-a-day picture... Fat Mum Slim had  "tree" on her list for today! Tree... I opted for the little Christmas tree that I put up last week, We've had conflicting schedules with our work these past two weeks, and getting a Christmas tree down from the attic and getting Christmas cards done in a timely matter were not happening for me. Hence, I got the little fiber optic Disney tree out that runs on two "AA" batteries!!

 This second tree is near the entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios, it's not one of my best photos on it. It was taken two weekends ago!  I think that Steve's taken better pictures of it while we were there on family trips, but I can't seem to find them!

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