Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Photo-A-Day December 2-5, 2012 (Okay, a bit behind!)

Good  morning! Spent most of yesterday doing laundry and cleaning the showers and tubs! I don't mind laundry at all, but cleaning the showers and tubs wears me out, breath and knee-wise! My knees get uncomfortable kneeling on them, especially on the bathroom floor! Unfortunately, I was also using a cleaner that had bleach in it, and I forgot to put a mask on! But, the vent fan was on! Washed the shower curtains and mat in the washer with bleach and they cleaned up nice! Now, onto the pictures!

2nd... Peace... I couldn't find a peace sign around here anywhere, and you would have thought that I'd at least have one, since I was a child of the 60's! I had to draw one, so please be kind with the drawing comments!

3rd... Something that you held... It was a lame "held", but I had one of my window catchers in my hand! I think of it as a pirate ship, as in Pirates of the Caribbean!!

 4th...Black and White... my lavender eye pillow, I bought it at the Southern Women's Show back in '99 or 2000.

5th... Looking up... The area where this hanging light currently is, used to be a recessed light fixture. Our friend Bill replaced it for us about a year or two ago, and we are much happier with the current lighting! It really lit up the sink and counter top when Steven and I were prepping dinner last night! 

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