Saturday, December 15, 2012

Photo-A-Day December 14 and 15, 2012

I was feeling under the weather yesterday when I got home from work. I fell asleep on the sofa after taking my morning stomach med, and missed taking Steven to school for "before school" tutoring. I woke up at some point and checked into Kelly and Michael on Viggle, and before I knew it, it was after 12pm! I missed breakfast! Sheesh! My fibromyalgia and back pain were bothering me, and I decided to get up and do some chores. I got some laundry going and vacuumed the family and great room and around the bird cages. I went through newspapers, and found an article on foster parenting that I had planned to take to one of the nurses at one of my doctors' offices.

This morning, I woke up about 5:30 am with a severe migraine, and had to take my Cambia. It's still bothering me, so I'm trying to relax. I hate when I wake up in the middle of the night with intense headaches!

Here's the two photos...  something green... my Croc flip-flops! I bought them at a Crocs outlet sometime during the summer!

Outdoors... when I went out to get the newspaper this morning, it was a bit foggy around 8:00am, but I don't think that it shows in the picture. I think that I scared one of the young men across the street in the long pjs that I was wearing!!!

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