Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Belated Merry Christmas and other things!

HI and Merry Christmas, BELATED, and Happy Boxing Day to to our UK friends! Waving to Chrissy!!  And a special belated birthday wish to our friend Elise who's 9th birthday was Christmas Eve! One more shout out... I'm giving a shout out to Drey and Kiyah!

 I realized that I haven't posted anything about the Sandy Hook children and adults who were killed in a horrible situation a few weeks ago, my mind has been on them the whole time,  and thoughts and prayers have been said for them. There have been way too many senseless killings in the past year, and everyday we hear about a missing child or elder parent or an adult. Now, off of my soapbox!

I've been trying to spend time with my son and my husband this month, and with Steve pulling so many hours (so much overtime) and Steven taking his mid-term exams last week, it has been definitely crazy here. Again, the Christmas card preparation was left for me to do, and I still haven't sent them out! Argh! I did work on them before I went to bed yesterday, though! I missed getting one out to some friends in Canada and to my cousins in Greece this year. Due to Steve's crazy work schedule, I think that there was a general consensus within our family not to put a tree up this year. That kind of got me in the bummed mood for a day or two. I got some Christmas music Cd's and some DVDs of shows that I watch like Glee (3rd season) and Eureka (season 5), along with my new Lifeproof iPhone 4S case! I will have to take some pictures of it. I used two e-gift certificates that I had received from Viggle for some beauty items from Sephora before their free shipping for over $50. I'm definitely becoming more interested in make-up again, after all of these years! Plus, I'm trying a new tech side!!!

Three of my current favorite apps from iTunes these days are Viggle, Twittelator Pro, and Foodspotting! With Viggle, you check in on the app when your show comes on, and you can earn points towards rewards. The rewards have been anywhere from $10 Sephora e--certificates/GC, Best Buy GC, iPod Touch, to name a few. Twittelator Pro... I found out about this one when one of my favorite chefs, Rick Bayless was using it for his tweets, granted it was about $4.99, and I have had it for about 3 years now. I use it the most when I am tweeting from my iPhone or my iPad.  Foodspotting... you can follow others, and find out about places to eat and about new foods to try. I've been trying to post more when we've been out eating locally and when we've been to Orlando. Some of my pictures were blurry and some have been okay. I'm a newbie foodie, and I love to try new foods!

Disclosure: All the above products I either purchased myself, or was given by my husband and son for Christmas. The opinions expressed are my very own!

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