Thursday, November 8, 2012

Photo-A-Day November 4 -8, 2012

Hey you all! I haven't disappeared or forgot my blog! I think that I posted last on Saturday. Well, I started feeling worse on Sunday, and had to work that night. I was in the barely functioning mode on Monday morning. I laid down on the sofa most of Monday, and slept. Tuesday,  I took Steven to the orthodontist and on to school. I went to Lowes and bought a dryer, ours died Monday night. Then, I went to Publix and bought some groceries, and  came home and rested.  I was not feeling a whole lot better. Wednesday, woke up feeling a little crackly when I was breathing. Called in sick to work, and got a doctor's appointment. My Primary sent me to the ER for evaluation, he thought that I needed a cardiac work-up and he would take him days to get the results back. I was at Viera hospital for about 2 hours, and was sent home with bronchitis. I'm out sick from work till I go back to work on Monday night, per Dr.'s orders. Our dryer showed up this morning, it's a Samsung. I'll have to take pictures and post them at another time. I'm behind on posting! Still coughing up stuff and having tightness, along with a headache.  Now on to my pictures for the 5 days!

4th.... TV! I took a photo of when I had Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on! Love, love him!

5th... 5 O'Clock... cooking meatballs that I bought from Publix's meat department, they are seasoned and made of ground chuck. We really like them! (Sorry, to my vegetarian friends here!)

6th --- A Favourite thing... well, there's two things that I could think of at the moment, one of my Vera Bradley purses, and The Kingdom Keeper series of books by Ridley Pearson!

7th... Reflection... Okay, so it wasn't taken yesterday, I was feeling like death warmed over and pretty much looked like I felt! This picture was taken this morning, and by the way, don't mind the pyjamas!

8th... Today was something that you do everyday... dishes! If
it's not dishes several times a day, then it's laundry!  AND, before I forget, today is my sister Karen's 46th birthday!!!! Happy birthday to a very dear sister of mine!!

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