Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photo-a-Day November 27, 2012 Tree

WOW! This month and this year have flown by! We've had four birthdays in my family this month... my sisters Karen and Laura  AND my Aunt Maureen (my Dad's youngest sister!), my ex-stepmom Norma,  and one of my friends.. Connie! She sent me some pictures of her pineapple plant/tree in my texts recently, and she gave me permission to post them, so I'll be sharing them with you all soon! I have never seen a pineapple grow that far from a piece cut from the top of another one before, so to me, it's really cool!

Steve was driving when I took this one!

Out near the Carmike Theaters! 
Today's picture was taken on Sunday when we were out and about, and it's a different view than the sky view that you all saw.  They have quite a few very tall palm trees in The Avenue, and they caught my eye. Fat Mum Slim has inspired many to follow her with the Photo-A-Day each month, and I plan to continue doing so. She wanted us to take a photo of a TREE, and to test our creative bones . We could lie down on the ground and take a photo looking up. You could experiment with angles and filters, I'm still trying to play around with different ones on my iPhone!  I took pictures of the palm trees looking up at them! Gosh, how I love to use exclamation points!!!! The 2nd picture is of a small palm tree, what kind I don't know!
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