Monday, November 26, 2012

Photo-A-Day November 25 and 26, 2012

Yes, I finally saw "Skyfall" with Steve and Steven yesterday! It was good! I am definitely bummed about Dame Judi Densch's character "M" dying off, though. We had a decent time, we went out to lunch before the movie, at a place called Pizza Gallery. They had a Sunday brunch, which we hadn't tried before now, they usually have a buffet with the pizza and some pasta and salad. The chicken piccata was good, and so were their home style potatoes. We stopped by Coldstone Creamery after the movie, then onto Kohl's. I think that it was last year when Isotoner came out with their version of the smartphone gloves. I wanted a pair so bad, but I didn't get around to getting a pair last year. I finally forgot about them until a Kohl's ad on Sunday. I've had a pair of Isotoners since before Steve and I got married, and they've been showing some wear in the past few years. It was finally time to replace them.
I'm showing a picture of the old pair and the new pair. The smartphone pair is comfortable! I'm anticipating a cold winter this year, due to having cooler weather starting last month. I threw in a picture of my Mickey and Minnie gloves, too!

Sky... a picture of the sky in Melbourne, FL near the Avenue. It was beautiful!

In the cupboard... our coffee mugs! Even Disney is in our kitchen cabinets!

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