Wednesday, November 21, 2012

PHOTO-A-DAY November 14-21, 2012

Working and running to doctors' appointments tied up quite a bit of my time in the past week! I had a lumbar nerve block on Monday afternoon, and I was numb in my waist/hips for a few hours---but I was able to walk and drive! Wild, eh?  I'm feeling much better, from the bronchitis, hoping that I don't end up the diagnosis of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). I think that I've had at least 10+ bouts of bronchitis since the 1st one in 1979, when I was in high school in my junior year. I was diagnosed with allergy-inducecd asthma back in 1996 as an adult. Well, on with the Photo-A-Day!

14th... Man-made... My Vera Bradley purse is man-made, obviously!

15th... in your bag... I took the contents out of my Vera Bradley purse, and laid them out on the kittchen counter. I can't believe I carry that much stuff it in!

16th... The view from your window... I was driving in Melbourne, and decided to take a picture out of the car window, when I was at a traffic light.

17th... The last thing that you bought... my Michael's trip for Christmas card supplies! I'm stamping them by hand this coming weekend! I haven't done this in years!

18th... Happened this weekend... slept! I had to work Saturday and Sunday night! Unmade bed!

19th... Something awesome... I got the Brave Blu-ray set in the mail from Amazon!

20th ... Work/Play...I can't take pictures of work due to HIPPA regulations and I don't want to get fired, so I'm posting a picture of me in my uniform playing the Hasbro Football with son, you've seen this picture before. Hanging at Disney, it's another old picture, I didn't play yesterday!

21st... What you wore... another old pic!!

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