Monday, November 12, 2012

Photo-A-Day November 10 - 12, 2012

Good afternoon! I finally got the chance to venture out with my husband and our son to the grocery store and Kohl's yesterday afternoon. Still coughing, but not as bad I believe in using NeilMed SinuRinse, it helped yesterday.  I took some pictures of the sky as we were heading to the grocery store, and there were two distinct areas in the sky, one was sunny and the other was dark with storm clouds!

It did end up raining while we were inside the store, but it stopped before we got out. I don't like when it does that. The humidity ends up rising, making it feel yucky outside! Well, on to the pictures!

Can't (won't) live without... my coffee! It's one thing that I should be giving up, it's on the list from my gastroenterologist. Working night shift, and trying to maintain a decent normal schedule on my days off--- I need my caffeine! I do like at least one to two cups a day, whether it be in the morning, or at night before I go to work. Plus, we drink coffee at work at night on my shift---most of my co-workers do (Except Teressa---hey girl--- on rare occasions!)! I do like flavored coffees, but I'm okay with the unflavored kind, too! I have an upcoming post on Green Mountain fair trade certified coffee soon! Okay, so one picture is of Starbuck's coffee, I recently used my free drink postcard to get an iced Pumpkin Spiced Latte, I've got to have my coffee cold! 

Night...  something at night, well, when I'm at the Magic Kingdom, I love to see the fireworks at night! 
They put on the best ones, besides Epcot's Illuminations!

Drink... I didn't get a picture of a current drink, but am sharing with you a picture of something that I've had in our room at Saratoga Springs Resort when son and I were there back in August! I do love the Honest Tea brand, though  I don't always get to buy a bottle of it! The Honey Ginseng green tea is rather tasty! 

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