Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Bzz Campaign (Review)

In this day and age, do you think about where your coffee came from and under what conditions it was grown? And, do you wonder what type of impact your coffee being grown will have on the farmer and his local community? I used to not be concerned about things like that,  and even much less about it being labeled "Fair Trade Certified"! I used to think, "what's the big deal about it? Now, you and I have a good reason to become more informed about fair trade certified  coffee, and I will tell you why!

You get the benefit of great tasting coffee, and the farmers get a better quality of life!!!When you buy that flavorful Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain Coffee, you're ensuring a better cup of coffee for yourself and a better quality of life for farmers. The purchase doesn't just benefit or impact the farmers, it benefits the surrounding communities, too!! How so???

Fair trade:
* Helps the farmers get a fair price for their beans
* Improves working conditions
* Assists in protecting the environment
* Supports community development  with projects resulting in new schools, roads, health clinics, and safer drinking water.

Green Mountain Coffee:
* provides a great cup of coffee packed with good vibes!

* Has a delightful, quality selection of fair Trade Certified coffees available for everyone's taste and enjoyment, including Colombian Fair Trade Select and Sumatran Reserve.

* Offers a delicious assortment of seasonal Fair Trade Certified flavored coffees (Such as Pumpkin Spice and Spicy Eggnog), to perfectly balance your coffee with the weather!

* Is the leading brand in k-cup packs for Keurig brewers.

 * is readily available in most grocery stores, at stores like Target and Wal-Mart and online at and

* includes one of the largest selections of Fair Trade Certified coffees in the US.

I really enjoyed it, and If you don't know me by know, I tend to brew my coffee with my Keurig, and then ice my coffee, and drink it black. I get the great taste of the coffee that way. I have been mixing Bailey's creamer with it lately, and it tastes delicious!! I have a few pictures to show you above!! I really liked the Wild Blueberry flavor!!

 I have some Links to share with you for further information on the Green Mountain Fair Trade Certified Coffee!!!
Green Mountain Fair Trade Campaign
Green Mountain Fair Trade Facebook page

Green Mountain Coffee on twitter

I talked with my co-workers about  the fair trade certified coffee at work, and shared the coupons with them.

Disclosure: I was given free product and coupons in which to facilitate my review by BzzAgent, of which I am a member. The opinions expressed were my own!

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