Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ZzzQuil (Review)

Sleep like you don't have a care in Zzz World! There's a new product on the market from the makers of Vicks NyQuil called ZzzQuil. It's a non-habit forming sleep-aid for when you have an occasional sleeplessness.

* Available in ZzzQuil Liquid or Liquicaps (the liquid comes in warming berry flavor)
                                                    *Found in the Sleep-Aid Aisle

( Use as directed for occasional sleeplessness. Read each label. Keep out of the reach of children.)

 Our opinions: I was given the opportunity to review this new medication, however, I'm on a prescribed sleeping pill. My hubby and our son (almost 14years old) tried it, and it worked for them. They both were pleased with the effectiveness from it, and they both would recommend it.

Here are a few helpful tips for a good night's sleep:
1) Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day.
2) Reserve your bed for sleeping and nothing else, except perhaps for one very specific thing.
3) Have a (relaxing) nightly bedtime routine.
4) Limit daily caffeine intake, as well as nighttime drinks and snacks.
5) Turn off your phone and keep it out of your bedroom.

Disclosure: I was given a coupon towards the purchase of the item and the information about the product for the review from VocalPoint. The opinions expressed were those of mine and my family's.

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