Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photo-A-Day September 21st through 26th Oops, got behind!

Got a little behind this week! :O) My son took a few of these pictures that I'm using today.

Sometimes... I get to see a baby lizard outside! I live in Florida, so we pretty much see these all of the time!

Up... above my head at Sea World. The rays!  Steven's picture is of the ceiling and the ceiling fan. He gets amused sometimes by what the photo of the day is!

Before bedtime... I wash my face with my Cetaphil bar. I know, I didn't show the lathered skin, but oh well!

3 Things... I guess that this was the 3 things picture that Steven quickly took yesterday--- 1)my iPad on top of 2)the #photoaday list for this month, and 3) the back of my husband's chair in our family room. Not our best photo!

Frame... I need to get a mat for this picture and the frame. This picture in the frame was taken in 1999, during our son's birthday trip to WDW before dinner at the Contemporary. We look so different!

Near... A bowl of brown rice from dinner last evening! A very close picture of Macy this is! He has some pinfeathers right now. 
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