Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Photo-A-Day September 14th to 18th

I got a little behind with the photos, due to the conference on Saturday and with one of our drives acting up yesterday and today. I am going to try to do this from my iPad, we'll see if it works out!(NO luck, it had to wait till I was able to use the Mac!)

Favorite... My Stitch pillow pet from Disney Movie Rewards is definitely a favorite of mine! When I am hurting at bedtime ( during the daytime on workdays), I rest my arm on it.

First thing that I see... When I wake up is my alarm clock, my CPAP, sound machine, lamp, and telephone.    

Strange... The clay being used for son's science project. He made the state of West Virginia out of clay and placed in on a wood board.

In my fridge... Now this is an interesting picture!

Price... on an ad!

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