Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photo-A-Day September 10th through 12th

Right, so I'm clumping a few days together! I had two days off, and was busy with laundry and running errands (and 1 doctor appointment!) I just sent Steven off to the school bus about 30 minutes ago.

Hero... Steve, of course! He's been my hero for over 30 years! This is one of the few pictures that I have of him laughing!

Black and white... I decided to take another picture of Macy. He's a beautiful shade of green, and it was interesting to see him in a black and white picture this time. He's very photogenic, like Doc!

Together... these are two glasses that were given to me in a set of 6 from Mom and Dad many years ago. We use them every day now, just the perfect size for iced tea or a glass of orange juice! 

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