Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The 1st 3 days of the week---NaBloMoPo

For Monday, for Blogher's NaBloMoPo, we had to think of someone that we knew that was sugar and spice and everything nice, and I thought of 5 people. I couldn't pick just one. Here goes... Alesha, for her kindness and caring for others. We've known each other since the late 90's through a bird group we were in online. She cared for a bird of ours that we had given her when the bird had been hard for us to take care of him (he was fighting and attacking other birds), and thought of us when she had to downsize on birds a few years later (when we got Ernie back). She's an awesome Mom to Ike and an awesome wife to Doug.  Debbie... a great friend who lives far from us, but we keep in touch often. She's an awesome wife to Duane and a great mom to Zach, Dillion, and AJ! Debbie and I met through a Disney group of ours. We talked on the phone, e-mailed, plurked, and tweeted a lot before we got to meet (I think that it was about two years ago, Deb, correct me if I'm wrong!) in person at Magic Kingdom . Our families spent time together during their vacation down here in FL in June, and are planning to see them again during Christmas break! She's called when Steve had knee surgery, e-mailed me or texted to see how I was doing if I had a migraine, the list goes on. Roseann... we've known each other since '75, she's been my best friend the longest, though we rarely get to see one another anymore. We tend to communicate via Christmas cards and texts and phone these days,  unless I catch her working at WDW. She's also an awesome wife to Theron and a great mom to Xavier and Quentin.
Teressa... we met at work about 4 years ago, I think! Teressa's into nail polish and dressing up when she's off from work. She's always smiling and wearing those big dangling earrings these days! :O) She's supportive and can put a smile on your face. (Team Barbara!)She's a good friend, and I need to add, a hard worker!  Teressa's a good mother to Cam, and is now taking care of one of her nieces.  Jessica... we've known each other a bit longer that Teressa has known us, probably a bit more than 5 years. She's awesome mother to her two boys, Marco and Donovan.  She's so helpful, at work and at her home. She's currently taking care of her mother, and running her to and from appointments for her. She takes her boys places during the summer.

For Tuesday ... a sweet moment shared with someone I love would be recently when Steven and I got back from the parks at night to our room. We'd have a snack or something to drink then we'd watch the Olympics or tv or a movie on the dvd player together. Mom and Boy stuff!!!

For Wednesday.... what makes someone sweet? Kind comments and helpful actions make someone sweet. Not being rude or angry. 

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