Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo-A-Day for August 20th, 21st, and 22nd!

This will be a little photo-heavy! Well, okay, so it's only three pictures! It's been busy at work, and I've been coming home drained! Plus, I had the cardiologist follow up yesterday afternoon. The 3+ weeks of wearing the telemetry monitor showed that I was having a lot of PVCs. The echocardiogram showed that my heart was pumping effectively and that it was good. The doctor said that the PVCs weren't life-threatening, and that they would be more annoying than anything. He put me on Metoprolol, and I'll see him for a follow up in a few weeks. It should help to even the symptoms out from the PVCs.

Now to the pictures... the 20th's picture was for "today", so I took a picture of what I saw on tv for that day! Tropical Storm Isaac--heading for FL? Since this picture, we have more of an idea of what he's doing!

The theme for the 21st was cool... So I chose to use a picture of my ice maker in my fridge/freezer combo!

And last but not least.. the 22nd's was home. And I'm not into sharing pictures of the front of my house, so I'm sharing a picture of my home away from home! A picture from my home resort at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort!! This picture was taken standing at the Springs bus stop there. It was raining one of the days that we were there in the past year. This may have been taken on one of the Mom and Son trips that we took last year. I love that place!!

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