Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NoBloPoMo August 5th, More Busch Gardens Fun

Busch Gardens... it's definitely a park that you need two or three days to fully do everything there. We needed one more day beyond what we spent there to get the other rides in for Steven! We did more walking around, especially since we parked in C parking way back in the boonies! Definitely rented a locker the second day to stash our non-essentials inside. Steven rode Cheetah Hunt and Montu, and we both rode the ride that is similar to the water ride at Animal Kingdom, of which I can't think of the names of either ride at the moment! We both rode it 4 times, and my clothes were wet all day long! I couldn't wait to change into my nightgown that evening! We did have a blast, though! I really enjoyed the Skyway, and Steven took video on it for me. We were humored on Rhino Rally, and the first driver we had was so funny! I rode Rhino Rally with Steven a  second time, and he sat in front with the driver. Steven went on to ride Rhino Rally 2 or 3 more times! We stayed for their night time show, and had some fun! I really enjoyed our time at Busch Gardens this past weekend!

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