Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NaBloPoMo for August 4th Busch Gardens

This is a late posting for NaBloPoMo for Saturday, August 4th. Steven and I got a late start and got to Busch Gardens after 10am. We ended up parking in E lot, which wasn't too bad. I can't quite remember  
too much about that day, since I was still tired from all of the driving from the previous day. We did see Pirates 4D, and got wet! We view a few dollars trying to win stuff, and that's exactly what what I'd call it, stuff! We ended up winning a LED flashlight. Whoa! Big time! We walked around, and looked at some of the animals. No major riding for Steve that day. We did leave early due to a storm that was about to happen, and went back to our hotel room. We spent the night checking in with Viggle and watched some of the Summer Oylmpics! 
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