Friday, August 3, 2012

NaBloPoMo for August 3rd What is the sweetest thing that someone did for you today?

My answer for this post is going to be Steven helping me load and unload the car at least 4 times today! The boy was a saint for doing that for me! Though we had a few arguments today, I really appreciated his help! He helped me with the GPS, as we trekked from our East Coast to the west coast----in Tampa.   

On another note, I am constantly talking with total strangers when we go places, whether it be our wait staff in a restaurant or at WDW or in the supermarket at home. Tonight, I was talking with our waitress Kaz, at Romano's Macaroni Grill in Tampa about the app for the iPhone called Foodspotting,  as I took a picture of my Bibb and Blue salad!  I also told her about Yelp, and she mentioned Urbanspoon ( I have it already.). She gave me the name of a Greek/Italian restaurant called Stefano', which I'd like to scope out sometime on a trip over here with hubby and son, unless Steven and I check it out before we go home. I recommended that she check out Traveler Foodie, Droolius, and Katie's Cucina, and Julie D.'s blog The Little Kitchen. I recommended The Smart Baker, another FL blogger in my neck of the woods. She's definitely a foodie and I had a blast talking about food with her! Steven was playing on his iPod touch and his iPhone while we were talking. He said, " Mom and her blog!"

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