Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LimbO Waterproof Protectors Review

Have you ever had surgery and couldn't get the arm or leg, maybe even foot wet? I had foot surgery as you might know last summer, and had issues with keeping my feet dry with the dressings on them as they were healing. I did have a type of protection for them, but it didn't always keep the dressings dry, putting my wounds at risk. I had to shower with the protective plastic wear on. 

I was so glad to review LimbO Waterproof Protection for casts and bandages! Steven wanted to test this product out, so he showered with it this morning!  He was happy with the way that it kept his leg dry.  This definitely made me happy,  I wish that I had  known bout their product last summer! He tested the adult half leg standard size, and he's 64" tall.  It came up his thigh very high, and I'm sure that it would have been about the same for me since I'm an inch taller. 

LimbO prevents water from penetrating either casts or bandages when taking a bath or shower. They can be submerged, and seal without discomfort. They wash clean every time, and are durable and reusable! They are also sized for adults and for children. You can get them in half arm or full arm, half or full leg, hand, elbow' and knee. They are latex-free, and the seal is made from nylon reinforced closed-cell neoprene. There is a 3-layer calendared flame-resistant PVC body, and the middle layer is a nylon weave. 

They also have available : Outcast outdoor foot weather protectors, Outcast Outdoor hand and wrist protectors, night covers, toe cozy, and color my cast decorating kits. You can go to their website LimbO, for further information. I liked the product and it was definitely durable! I recommend it. 

Disclosure: I was given  the product at no cost to me for my review, and the opinions expressed were mine and my son's.
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