Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photo-A-Day July 17th "Addiction"

Goodness! This was a hard one! I could say that I actually have two main addictions! One is of Vera Bradley Blue Lagoon gear. I did not have any Vera Bradley items till after I saw both of my sisters, Karen and Laura, and Karen's daughters with Vera Bradley purses/ backpacks. I did a search online, and signed up for Vera Bradley's e-mails. Now, I've got 3 or 4 purses and some tech carrying stuff!

The 2nd addiction is for something that I don't blog about, I love nail polish!  I love glittery, flaky, and holos, and some cremes!  Definitely an OPI and Zoya gal, though I do own some Orly and China Glaze.  I don't get to polish my nails often, due to my line of work, nursing! When I do, it seems like it chips!  One thing about me is that I've never had a professional mani or pedi. And by the way, that is only the bottom of the train case with the nail polishes! There are more in the side shelves, some tiny bottles.

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