Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photo-A-Day July 10 "Your Favorite Color"

This was a hard one today! I do have one main favorite at the moment, and it is the color of the watermelon colored Crepe Myrtles! However, I don't have any in my years or in my neighbors' years for that matter, and the closest ones in that color are in the middle of the road on a road near me, intermingled with lilac colored ones! Maybe one of these days before they  stop blooming, I'll get a pic of them for my blog buddies!  The 1st main color is a pink/fuschia blend, found on my Cheshire Cat vinylmation!

The next favorite color is an aqua/light teal sort of color, found on out binocular's bag. I love that color, too! We have had this bag forever, it seems, since Steve bought me the binoculars for my 30th birthday,
 if I can remember correctly---1992!

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