Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Late Monday, and what am I doing?

I have been lying low lately, tweeting, pinning, and +1'ing lately---when I haven't been busy running to appointments and transporting the TEEN to VBS for his volunteering. He's currently on vacay, oh how my husband hates that abbreviated slang word for vacation! Son's up in Virginia, in an area where they actually have power at my husband's brother and his wife apartment for 3 weeks. We get a temporary empty nest situation for 3 weeks! Woo Hoo!!!

I'm in the process of working on my Influenster post, between appointments this week. I have some cool things to post about  that came in my box!! I haven't deserted you, my readers!

I'm dealing with female issues, as in having 17 days of periods in a month's time. GYN didn't think that it was related to the epidural injections that I had been getting in my low back. So, I have a biopsy and hysteroscopy set up for Friday the 13th. Depending on what happens with what the GYN sees and gets back on a biopsy, determines what we end up choosing to do next. I think that we're talking ablation with heat. I'm aiming to go the path of least invasiveness first, rather than jumping straight to a vaginal hysterectomy.

 Saw the pain management doctor this morning, and he set me up for a nerve block for late next month, since the 2nd epidural gave me no relief. What did I do to my back? Who knows? The GI doctor that I saw this afternoon, scheduled me for a colonoscopy and a EGD for next month, due to my turning 50 back in May. I'm okay with it, since I have IBS and GERD, I've been want ing to know if there had been any changes in my GI system. Along with that I saw my neurologist last week for a migraine that lasted about 2 days, and I had gone to work on one of those days. She switched me to some samples of Cambia to try, but I haven't had the reason to try them yet. I can't take Frova or anything in the Imitrex family, due to a major reaction to the Frova years ago.

My internal Medicine doctor's airing on the side of caution, and as a result, I've ended up with a few more consult doctors this year. Can you say that I'm falling apart! Ha! I'm still working on the weight loss issue and along with some exercise. I'm not at the point where I could be brutally honest and share the weight loss journey yet, but I can' tell you that last summer due to my feet and surgery---I was up to 206 pounds.  I'm below 200 by several pounds, but not telling you guys yet! The microscopic blood in the urine got me a urologist follow up this past March, with my kidney stone being gone. But,  is why the microscopic blood still showing up? MY kidney doctor appointment is sometime next month, fitting in amongst everything else! Cardiology is in 2 weeks, due to an elevated pulse, and an keg that my IM wouldn't go into details on! I still have my fibromyalgia, and see the rheumatologist. I figured that I'd post here on my blog, before I finally decide to let Connie Foggles post about it on her Chronic Life blog.

So there's why I've been away from my blog. I did have a short vacation with friends of ours from DE, the 2nd week of last month for a few days. Debbie's such a dear friend of mine! Her husband gets along with my husband Steve so well! Steven so close in age to their 13 year old, one month older than Zach. Dillion's 2 years younger than them, but he hangs with Steven and Zach---those boys get along so well together. Then they have a 19 month old AJ, I love the little guy! He squealed in a couple of sit-down dinner that we all had together at Trail's End and Boatwright's for dinner two separate occasions. Too funny, though. The Disney trip will hopefully be another post.

Well, I think that my sleeper's trying to finally kick in! Ciao for tonight! Miss interacting with you all! I've been trying to post a comment here and there on some of the blogs, its taking me awhile! I'm reading them, but may not get a comment in all of the time! I'm still working full-time at my nursing job that pays my bills!

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