Thursday, April 5, 2012

What have we been up to...

Hello! As I write this afternoon before I go to bed (yeah, I work tonight!) waiting for the Lunesta to kick in, updating you all of family life here lately. Steven's right knee arthoscopy in February and his braces at the beginning of last week, were fit in around other appointments in our family last month.

Sometimes I think that getting older isn't the greatest thing in the world, and then there are times when I welcome 50 coming up next month. My Dad says, "You were healthy when you lived at home, and now you're not"! Gee, thanks, Dad!  I had the microscopic blood in my urine in February, which caused my primary to send me to the urologist for a 2.5 year follow-up appt. It was still going on, after 2.5 years----so he ordered a IVP/CTscan. I don't like the "clean out "med, 3 bisacodyl tablets, dynamite! The results showed that things were working ok from his standpoint, so a dictation was sent to my primary to see if I wanted to go to a nephrologist. I haven't heard anything about it from my primary yet, which is good for now.  Son and I also went for dental cleanings the day before his braces, with two separate appointment times that day! 

In between us taking Steven for late afternoon PT appointments (which he completed last week!), and Steve having a painful cyst removed from his back, with at leas 3 follow-up appointments, their schedules were busy with work and school. I can't quite remember if Steven was on the honor roll this last quarter or not. FCAT testing will be happening later on this month, and into May. My primary saw me in February, but my new pain management appointment didn't occur until this past Tuesday morning. I can't remember what I did to aggravate my back last year, but I have two discs in the lumbar area that happen to be aggravating me with sciatica pain. It gets uncomfortable to sit or stand or lie down, so I haven't wanted to sit down at the iMac to post lately. I've got an epidural injection scheduled for April 25th in my new pain doc's office, and I'm actually welcoming the relief!
I've learned to bring a book with me to appointments, whether it be paperback or hardbound or the Nook Color, or the iPad, which I've loaded with movies and tv shows, to watch. It's harder to find the time to listen to an audiobook, though! I have definitely spent a lot of time waiting in waiting rooms!

We haven't been to any of the parks, WDW or Sea World, lately, due to the way that we've all been feeling. I'm sure hoping that it changes soon, because I really missing going to Orlando for the parks! I've been playing one of Animal Kingdom's cds of park music, and it's quite calming. Even at 13, Steven still wants to go.

Work's been a little stressful, with trying to get out on time, and with getting all of my work done in a 8 hour shift, and sometimes, it's just not possible. My fibromyalgia tends to bother me more during that time.
Netflix and ATT's U-Verse have been helpful with movies and shows to get my mind off of the pain. Started watching Game of Thrones, quite addictive, though definitely for a mature audience. 

Started Spring Cleaning around here this past weekend, and for my son' rummage sale at church, we went through things that we haven't used in awhile, and cleaned out our dry sink our storage cabinet. It felt quite good to get rid of things that we no longer use, and the money that he makes from the stuff that he sells goes toward his church youth camps account.

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