Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Season of Change!

Hey! I think that I'm in a season of change, maybe in life, and maybe with the blog! I'm trying to read more about making it more organized and less cluttered! And maybe it's just me getting older! Ha. The body's feeling it (fast approaching 50, due to the fibromyalgia and the back pain, but the mind's still feeling like a 30 something! )I think that I've bee posting more about my family and our health or my health in the past year. I've never been one to talk about it much, until I became a blogger. Call it working a crazy shift, 11p to 7a! I truly do believe that it ages the body!

On another note... any recommendations for switching to Wordpress or other blogging set-ups, and who did you all use? I'm looking for ideas, and possibly moving to Wordpress. Please advise if you have any thoughts. I know that there are quite of you out there who are more seasoned at blogging than I am.
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