Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Steven just completed physical therapy last evening, and he's doing so much better with the left knee. I don't know his degree of flexion, but I do now that he's been crossing his legs lately. It's Spring Break here right now, and I ran him to two appointments on my days off. I had a dentist appointment Monday and his was Monday afternoon, both for cleanings. Then, yesterday, while my husband was at home (he took the day off) dealing with the AT&T U-Verse installer, I was at the orthodontist with Steven getting his braces on. I don't remember it taking so long, but then again, I had mine in '93 to '95.

I took a quick pic of him with the braces, so it isn't the clearest picture at the orthodontist!

His mouth is so sore today, and I actually let him have coffee ice cream for breakfast! I brewed him some mint green tea for breakfast to have with it. The ibuprofen took awhile to kick in for him earlier! Quote of the day:" I need some pliers to take them off!" Poor buddy!

I went through some e-mails this morning, and finally was able to update my iphone and iPad  with iTunes this morning. iTunes was giving me a rough time after I decided to update it last week, and I had to force quit it multiple times. I've been working more diligently on using apps that I've downloaded and deleting this which haven't been used, or if they have been and I was less that thrilled about them---deleted them.
It's nap time now for me! More updates in the next few days!
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