Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's a Wonderfully, Crazy Life Here in My Household!

Hi! It's been wild here since Steven had his left knee surgery on the 17th last month. I think that I checked the date on my blog, and realized that I've been a little out of touch with you all for about 3 weeks! Oh no!
I've posted a few comments on some blogs lately of other bloggers, but haven't really sat down at the Mac or with my iPad to compose a post for you all!

Steven had the surgery on the 17th, and I pretty much kept him home from school for the following week. Between Edline, his e-mails and my e-mails, we were able to reach his important teachers to obtain homework assignments so that he could try to keep up with his classmates (and not get too far behind).
He had 3 PT visits the first week post-op, and I was able to take hi  to 2 of them on my days off. He had a lot of pain that week, and was having to ice down a bit and elevate his knee when he wasn't at PT. By day 8 post-op, and after going to his FCAT review classes, he rode his bike with his friends for about 5 to 6 hours. Ouch! I could barely hobble that long after both of mine by post-op day 8! He's been back to school since Monday a week ago, and has gone to Physical Therapy in the afternoons after school---my husband's been taking him.  I don't have a pics of his knees yet, but aim to post one with him bending it sometime!

After his surgery week, as you all know I'm a nurse, and work in the healthcare industry. Every year, state comes through and does their annual inspections of the nursing homes, and we happened to have our survey start the Tuesday after President's Day. Everyone's on pins and needles during that time there, and it made for a very long and stressful week.  I'm definitely glad the its over!

Steve's been pulling so much overtime lately, that Steven and I have hardly seen him, even on my weekends off! NO date lunches or anything lately! One night, he told me, going ahead and sign up for the FLBLOGCON which is in September in Orlando, and I'm going!!! Granted, it's a one day conference and it's a semi-local one, it's my first blogging conference, and I'm psyched!!

Me... well, between working and sleeping, I've been running Steven to school after I get off work for Beta Club and extra time with a couple of his teachers to get caught up! And this is along with going to a few doctor appointments! Back and knee pain ended up getting me a pain management doctor referral for next month. Continued microscopic blood in the urine in the past 2 years had me visiting the urologist, with an IVP/CT Scan scheduled for next Tuesday morning (prep starts Monday morning, after I get home from working the weekend!). The endocrinologist appt is Tuesday afternoon, and here's hoping that my Hemoglobin A1C and my Vitamin D levels are improved.  Thursday will be the follow-up with the urologist!
I missed my 2nd anniversary of my blog back in January, so I'm trying to plan something for you all to happen around my 50th in May!

Ciao, for now, my friends!
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